Calculators & Value Evaluators

This section contains interactive calculators for resistor colour codes, ohms law, potential dividers and more, designed to simplify common calculations and teach basic electronic theory.

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Note: All results are rounded to 3 decimal places. Multiplier suffixes such as M for meg, u for micro etc. are appended to the results and shown in the results boxes where appropriate.

Capacitance Unit Converter

Capacitor Charge / Energy Calculator

Capacitor Code Calculator

Inductor Code Calculator - Colours to Value

Inductor Code Calculator - Value to Colours

L / C Reactance Calculator

LED Series Resistor Calculator

Series/Parallel Array of LED's Current Limiting Resistor Calculator

Ohms Law Calculator

Potential Divider Calculator

Power (Wattage) Calculator

Series / Parallel Capacitor Calculator

Series / Parallel Resistor Calculator

Wheatstone Bridge Calculator

Resistor Colour Code Calculator

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