Technical Data

The Technical Data Archive contains information including component theory, colour codes, conversion charts and more. All the articles can be accessed from the index below.

The 'Pin-Out' section has pin connection and package details for connectors and components. Each article includes pin assignments, applications, assembly instructions and more, and can be accessed from the main menu or the link below.

The information here is added to and updated occasionally, so Bookmark And keep visiting for updates.

A-Z Index of Articles:

AC Power

Approvals Markings on Equipment

Capacitance Conversion Table

Capacitor Markings

Capacitor Theory


DC Power

IP Ratings

Kirchoff's Laws

LED Series Current Limiting Resistor

Logic Gates & Truth Tables

Ohm's Law

Phase Angle in R, L and C

Phasor Diagrams

Potential Divider


Resistor Colour Codes

Resistors - Preferred Values

Resistor Theory

Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors in A.C. circuits

R.M.S. Values

Series combinations of R, C and L in A.C. circuits

SI Units

WEEE / RoHS Directives

Wheatstone Bridge

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