Electronic Tools

Basic Electronic Tools used to assemble electronic projects and electronic kits

Introduction to Basic Electronic Tools

Assembling electronics project and making it works is a good start in helping one to learn troubleshooting methods as
well as becoming familiar with your tools, test equipments, electronic schematics and component color codes.

It's hard to do a good job of electronics construction unless proper electronic tools and knowledge of using them are adequate.
Some of the basic tools that should prove useful are listed below.

Electric Drill and Drill Bits

Electric drill and drill bits in the range of 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch will come in handy when you need to drill holes on
the printed circuit board that has been etched. Drilling of plastic or metal enclosure that houses the printed
circuit board are sometimes necessary. A suitable PCB high speed drill can be easily obtained from any electronic

Soldering Iron

A 20 Watt to 30 Watt soldering iron with tips of 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch can be used for soldering of through hole
components. Soldering of surface mount components may require smaller tips depending on the sizes of the components.
Soldering iron normally will last a long time if it is taken care of properly by keeping the tips clean and well tinned.

Wire Stripper

Wire stripper is used to strip off wire insulator from its conductor before it is used to connect to another wire or
soldered into the printed circuit board. Some wire stripper or wire cutter has a measurement engraved on it to indicate
the length that will be stripped.

Long nose Plier

A 4-inch long nose plier will come in handy when you need to hold components that have short leads that need to be
soldered onto the PCB but will be too hot to handle with bare hands. It will also be useful to hold the component
that needs to be de-soldered from the board.

Side-Cutting Plier

A 4-inch side cutting plier will come in handy as one of the electronic tools when one need to trim off excess component leads on the printed
circuit board. It can also be used to cut wires into shorter length before being used.


Small tweezer is used to hold small components especially when doing soldering and de-soldering of surface mount

Allen Wrench set

Allen wrench set is sometimes used to unscrew or screw Allen type of screws.

Philips Head Screwdrivers

Various sizes of Philips head screwdrivers will be handy as a lot of electronics projects that use screws are Philips
Head type.

Flat Head Screwdrivers

Flat head screwdrivers of various sizes are also necessary as many screws that are used are of this type.


A small, light hammer will be useful when assembling projects that involved casing.

Socket wrench sets

A socket wrench sets that include nut drivers, hex drivers, and starters in assorted sizes will come in handy during the assembly work of electronics project.

Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife will be useful when one need to cut PCB, wires or remove some cooper from the printed circuit board.

Maintenance Tips Of Electronic Tools

Good quality tools that are being purchased can last a lifetime if they are taken care of properly. Ensure
that the tools are used only for their intended purposes, keep them lubricated with a light film of oil to inhibit
rust, keep the tools clean and sharp, keep the soldering tips clean and well tinned and ensure that proper use of
the tools are always adhered to by following the instructions of using the tools.

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